The 2021 Conference will inspire attendees with a vision of the future from world class and thought provoking speakers. It will challenge us to ask how we as a profession can embrace accelerating change, abounding technological advances and increased connectivity to provide direction to our clients in a milieu of climate change, health threats and economic uncertainty.

The programme will commence on the evening of Sunday 16 May and will conclude by the middle of the day on Wednesday 19 May. It will consist of a number of plenary speakers, as well as a range of concurrent sessions. The programme will also feature a number of social and networking events, including a welcome function on Sunday night, a relaxed evening event on Monday night and a formal gala dinner on Tuesday night.

We invite you to review the sponsorship prospectus here and each of the partnership opportunities and packages outlined will enable you to enjoy strong branding and exposure in a focused, professional learning environment. By becoming a valued partner on any of the levels listed in this prospectus, you will be affiliated with all aspects of the conference and will receive considerable exposure and recognition.

For more information or to discuss other partnership opportunities please contact:

Susan Macaulay
NZSA Conference 2021 Committee